Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Let me tell you about my dream! (Inside joke from my college dorm. Never mind.)

So what is it about my dream-mind creating a dream-destination version of Salt Lake City? And doing it more than once? And this time placing Salt Lake City within really convenient distance -- spitting distance, really -- of the Oregon Coast? Huh? SLC vet Rick could analyze this for me. Or snark at me for it. (Though heck, Rick did meet his fantastic wife Lara there, so there's that going for it, but digress I do...)

Anyway. I was trying to study the reason for the layout of Temple Square, as if there were some DaVinci Code-y reason for it underneath the real reasons for why Temple Square was built the way it was built. Had maps and everything, plus a zealous "Don't you see?" type of guy reading them with me. Until I got bored and went to the beach, walking through nicely-appointed beach homes, getting out to a deserted part of the beach post-sunset and watching a large, running-along millipede.

Huh. How often does one get bored in dreams? At least I did something about it.

OK, one of these days I'll actually visit Salt Lake City. Get exposed to it. Hope I don't get hit by lightning, as I was worried would happen back in 2006 when I went to a Catholic church for the first time in years for a wedding. (I keep getting not hit by lightning. I hope that means I'm doing something right.)
Tags: dreams

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