Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Why the quick walk just now in 40s-temps Portland while wearing shorts? Because it is SUNNY OUT. Sun. Sun. Sun sun sun sun sun. With some clouds and haze, but still, more sun than Portland has had in a few days. Plus -- bonus! -- it's dry out.

This morning Betsy Richter, part of the cadre of podcasters, a person I've played trivia with and someone I follow on Twitter, posted
ATTN, oh cranky PDX people (myself included): There is FREE Vitamin D waiting for you outside. (We know you're seriously deprived). GO. NOW.
and as I can handle cold better when it's dry cold I took her advice, while still in the shorts I'd thrown on so I'd have presentable lower-body clothes while waiting for my laundry to finish. (Yes, I had a shirt on, too. Footwear? Thick socks and my slippers.)

Just a few blocks, but I walked in the middle of un-driven-on streets to maximize my sun exposure. Up to the park, around it (clockwise, in case that matters) and back to my place. WORTH IT.

Later: I'll be out in the outside more, though in pants and my shirt for the day, finally, to go back to Stumptown Comics Fest. Which was a good time yesterday, and deserves to be a good time today.
Tags: peregrinations

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