Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post: Stumptown Comics Fest, in ROCK

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And I'll warn you right off not to listen if you have a problem with A) swearing or B) me swearing, because I decided to sum up Stumptown Comics Fest in a song, and in fact I summed it up in a song to the tune of -- from Team America: World Police -- "America, Fuck Yeah"...

[electric guitar snarl]

Stumptown Con, fuck yeah!
Comic artists are motherfuckin' righteous!
Stumptown Con, fuck yeah!
All so awesome, it's like we're suckin' nitrous!

Books and words and sexy geeks
Sketches, panels, enough for weeks at...

Stumptown Con, fuck yeah!
All your base are belong to us at
Stumptown Con, fuck yeah!
Experience rated A-plus-plus

In Convention Center air --
So many got creative!

Eric Powell, fuck yeah! Colleen Coover, fuck yeah!
Phil Foglio, fuck yeah! Sarah Glidden, fuck yeah!
Molly Crabapple, fuck yeah! Scott Kurtz, fuck yeah!
Carla Speed McNeil, fuck yeah! Art Battle, fuck yeah!

Samdroid, fuck yeah! Rick Remender, fuck yeah!
Erika Moen, fuck yeah! Podcasts, fuck yeah!
F-bombs, fuck yeah! Bendis, fuck yeah!
Bill Mudron, fuck yeah! Barry Deutsch, fuck yeah!
TFAW, fuck yeah! Carolyn Main, fuck yeah!

Paul Guinan, fuck yeah! Sarah Oleksyk, fuck yeah!
PDX Yar, fuck yeah! Neal Skorpen, fuck yeah!
David Walker, fuck yeah! Dylan Meconis, fuck yeah!
Mike Russell, fuck yeah! TMI, fuck yeah!
Dark Horse, fuck yeah! Oni Press, fuck yeah!
Brandon Graham, fuck yeah! Books, fuck yeah!
Tags: music, portland, voice

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