Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Being for the 6th Annual Cort & Fatboy Midnight Movie screening of The Big Lebowski

Psst. You. You going to be in Portland Friday, May 6th? Go to

Click on this. Print it out. Get out crayons, markers, whatever can make colors and not be too messy. Turn in the finished masterpiece to the Bagdad Theater and Pub. The theater will become decorated with these drawings. Your drawing could get you into the screening of The Big Lebowski early and into special seats AND getting special amenities.

It will happen once again. 600-plus achievers appreciating The Big Lebowski in the Bagdad, with a beverage (many, actually). And with drawings. We want lots of drawings. Lots of them.

Brought to us (gratefully) by Cort and Fatboy, Things From Another World, Cascadia.Fm (home of many many podcasts for your ears to hear), Digital Trends, and the Portland Mercury. $3 as usual, $10 for VIP passes (here if they're still available for purchase [4/21/2011 Update: Pre-sale tickets have sold out]), 21 and older (because it's a pub, and c'mon, you know what rank stuff is in the film, right?), with the doors opening for the general public 'round 9:00 and the movie showing at 11:00. You know enough to achieve now. Or at least abide.
Tags: midnight movies, portland

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