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via kylecassidy - Casting Call: Top Secret Project Revealed!

Originally posted by kylecassidy at Casting Call: Top Secret Project Revealed!
I'm very excited to announce that the new Top Secret Project, is a collaboration with Caitlin R. Freaking Kiernan (aka [info]greygirlbeast) whom you may know as the author of The Red Tree, The Ammonite Violin, Silk, Murder of Angels, etc. etc. etc. -- she also wrote the comic book series The Dreaming (and did the novelization of Neil's Beowulf movie).

Caitlin has a new book out in May of 2012 which I think is the best thing she's written. It's called The Drowning Girl: A Memoir - it was so visually beautiful that when I read the advance reader copy I contacted her immediately and said I wanted to do something with it - please oh please oh please. So, after much conspiring back and forth, I'm really pleased to announce that I'm casting for a book trailer plus a still Top Sekret Photo Project which we'll shoot over the summer and both of which will be Very Cool, I promise.

Let me know if any of these is you. We'll either be shooting in the Philadelphia, Delaware, NJ area or in the Boston area, so people from either of those places can apply. Shooting will probably be one low stress weekend.

Imp - F, early-mid 20's, somewhat mousy, brown hair, medium height, simultaneously soft featured and intense. Anxious. By turns, quiet and stormy. Always a little disheveled, hair not really long or short. She might wear glasses.

Eva, F, late 20's, early 30's, blond hair, glamorous, slender, tall, seductive and feral but also unexpectedly vulnerable and refined. This part requires some nudity & is paid.

Abalyn is a MTF trans woman, 24-35 pretty, unmistakably feminine, slender 5'8"-6'4" with a grace that can turn gawky. Hair chin length or longer, black or black with blond roots. Her eyes are green. We'd really like to cast a trans woman in this role if possible but will entertain other possibilities.

Many of these properties, (height, hair & eye color) are negotiable.

If you're interested or have questions drop me an email at kyle at, we'll take it from there. If you have a couple photos of yourself (myspace style iphone self portraits acceptable), you can toss those in or link to them. And please do forward this around to your friends who might be interested. This is going to be something wonderful.

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