Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Freedom Memorial WinCo

Why was I in Beaverton last night? That'll be its own entry, but between doing one Beaverton-set thing I'd planned to do and doing another Beaverton-set thing I'd planned to do, I made an impromptu stop at the WinCo.

I first went to that WinCo in August 2002. It was my first stop after going over to the then-owners of the building where I currently live and signing a lease to live there. At the time, I was renting a bedroom in the basement of a Portland house. That summer I'd gone from realizing I was living with one person I couldn't trust to realizing I was living with at least two people I couldn't trust. That lit a fire under my ass: get your own place. Don't live with anyone for at least a bit.

Here's one thing: one of those fellow residents had sometimes used my stuff, and had lied about it. Including pantry stuff. Such as at least two jars of pasta sauce that he took from my stash in a cabinet, got some sauce from, and PUT BACK IN THE CABINET. Science experiments ensued. Thank everything those didn't put me off eating pasta sauce, but: dumb stuff like that had happened.

So after i signed that lease, I went to WinCo. A stock-up place to shop. I loaded up a cart with pantry staples. And kept thinking This will be used by NO ONE ELSE. Because I then drove to the now-mine-to-live-in studio apartment, loaded up that pantry (more room than in the house, too), and left it.

Liberating and satisfying.

Thus, that WinCo is a liberating and satisfying place for me.

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