Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Running into a friend

And once again Portland shows that it's a large small town instead of a small big city:

Last night I'd gotten off the Rt. 17 bus at Milwaukie and Powell -- I admit, to see the mass of humanity waiting outside the Aladdin Theater for Ani DiFranco's concert -- when I hear my name, look up from my book (are you surprised?) and see my friend and former co-worker Derek, walking away from his pulled-over pickup and his right hand extended. Hot dog! I was missing the guy and wondering how he was doing, and here he spots me and stops to say hi. I'll also admit, I babbled, but hey, I was excited and pleased. And he is doing well; so are his girlfriend and his dog (NOT the same, you sickos!!!). He also was still basking in the glow of getting to see one of his favorite bands, Widespread Panic, play in Portland recently. I told him about my Sleater-Kinney experience, which was causing me to bask.

And to make sure we didn't have to rely on one of us just randomly seeing the other on the street, we got each other's contact information.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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