Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

One, two...OK, three! At least three things make a post

Joy! Rapture (not that kind)! I'll have worked almost a full 80 hours this two-week pay period!

Because I do, after all, need the funds to function.

Good morning. Here's what's been up: work (see above). Being more social, especially at a couple of recurring trivia nights. Today we're one week out from the Cort and Fatboy screening of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Likely to have a pretty quiet Memorial Day weekend. Stacks of viewing I want to do: I'm 1 hour 15 minutes from finishing my first full view-through of Battlestar Galactica. I'm paused right before one of the finale's first big "OH MY GOD" moments (the "Oh my God, the Galactica went THERE??!" moment) because I didn't want to get too overwhelmed. Gods, an exhausting show. In a good way, usually. And after that is a little more Farscape Season 4 (about to time-travel to 1985; how well did they recreate it? I was in 1985, I'll know) and David Tennant's first season of Doctor Who. Thank you, library.

Also, I've been making people laugh on Twitter. I'M FUNNY SOMEWHERE.

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