Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Bobby Roberts laughs, laughs, laughs

Sometimes, especially writing-wise, I want to be Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts when I grow up. Which would take some doing, since I'm older than him.

That said, his being the subject of a Wikipedia flame war led to him writing When Even Nobodies Think You’re A Nobody: How I Lost The Wikipedia War (Without Even Entering!). Excerpt below:

So a guy named Brandon set about trying to create a Cort and Fatboy page. He emailed, let me know he was thinking about it, I told him “Godspeed and good luck to you on your journey, young squire,” and off he went. In order to make the page stick, he had to meet “notability” requirements. According to Wikipedia, notability means that a dead media has to have mentioned you a couple times. Why Wikipedia, a living, breathing, shifting document that hums and thrums inside the squirming carcass of the internet, would only deem something notable if a magazine/newspaper with less circulation than your average Legend of Zelda walkthrough covers it, I don’t know. It seems a silly thing to me, but them’s the rules on being considered “notable” enough to share space with articles like “Mucus” and “Burping.”

So Brandon goes out, and finds articles from The Oregonian, and Willamette Week, and The Portland Mercury, and the AP, and writes up an article that incorporates those mentions, and submits it, and I find out that the article exists when it is summarily drug out into the middle of the information superhighway, shot in the face multiple times, and then teabagged. He directs me to a link where a bunch of people I’ve never heard of are explaining why we’re nobodies. Which is funny in and of itself, really...
Read the whole thing!
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