Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Homer eats the God-waffle

Random hits from the day that has passed:

  • Saw and liked Rango, the animated Johnny-Depp-as-lizard Western. Also impressed with how genuinely beautiful much of the film is. I was armed with knowledge that it was an askew, at times near-psychedelic movie, so I was prepared and thus didn't find it confusing (maybe I would have had I not been warned that way), but oh, is it pretty eye-candy.

    It's also well-directed: very clean in how it handles even some very busy action sequences (fleet of bats! cool!). It reminds me how good a director Gore Verbinski is; heck, I've liked him ever since his genuinely odd first feature MouseHunt, long before he controlled the chaos of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I'd make sure to see any other animated film he made, should he choose to make more. In fact, I wonder if he does want to do more.

  • I continue to resist, when ordering fried chicken, to quote Queen and say "Just gimme gimme gimme fried chicken." This bullet point brought to you by the Delta Cafe, which made tonight's dinner of (as you guessed) fried chicken, plus red-beans-and-rice plus pork-touched collard greens.

  • Thunder! Heard some while navigating the buses between the Academy Theater, where I saw Rango, and the Delta. I think I saw one shot of lightning, too, but I can't be sure. I still kind of miss big thunderstorms. The state of Virginia made me a fan of them.

  • Decided to try to let my facial hair return. It seems to grow based on mood. Its mood. I know, the dead cells that make up hair can't have moods, they're dead, but I'll still think that, that it's going Do I wanna grow? Should I stay under the skin? It's warrrrrrm under here... Oh, crap, my facial hair is lazy.

  • I like this emoticon that web cartoonist Spike Trotman uses: (0_0)-b <-- written here so I can remember it

  • Listening to Ilan Eshkeri's score to Stardust (2007), a film of which I'm very fond. I love that one of the big musical stings in it is just for Michelle Pfeiffer throwing off her robe to admire herself. I'd probably hear that musical sting if Michelle Pfeiffer threw off her clothes in front of me. (Note to David E. Kelley: I'm not stealing her from you.)

  • ...and now listening to Ennio Morricone's music for Once Upon a Time in the West, which Hans Zimmer echoed in his Rango score (adding Hector Periera doing a Dick Dale and his Del-Tones impression, it sounds like).

  • The subject line refers to that episode of The Simpsons with the line "Mmmmm. Sacrilicious."
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