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Someone HAS to have written this

Was reading Twitter. George Takei, Hikaru Sulu himself, referred to "X-Men FC." He meant the upcoming film X-Men: First Class. I first read that as "X-Men Football Club."


Players who could grow a temporary extra head out of, like, their torso or the side of their leg to do a header! Learning how not to hit the ball with wings! Melt or freeze the ball with blasts of fire or ice. Teleport from one part of the pitch to elsewhere, while making sure NOT TO GO OFF-SIDE. (But should Nightcrawler be allowed to hit with his tail, too?) Making multiple balls appear on the field! Magneto, fortunately, would have no effect on the ball, though maybe he'd move the goal. But then Jamie Madrox could be the goalie. Excuse me, goalies. Also? No fair going invisible. Hank McCoy could stand in for more than one player; he probably has the stamina (and legs) for it -- no! Better! He'd be best as a ref. Or maybe Kitty Pryde: she wouldn't ever have to worry about getting hit! Soccer players play in all weather except tornadoes and hurricanes, plus it's good that Ororo's probably too good a sport to want to complicate the game with storms. Colossus would have to be careful when he turns his skin into metal; those collisions could kill.

Logan probably wouldn't want to play, which is good for the balls because, of course, adamantium claws.
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