Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Travelogue of the forgetful

Hi. A catch-up journal entry will happen in a bit, but here's some of where my head's at:

In a lovely success, I managed to fall back to sleep this morning after I'd awakened early. Usually I can't do that. I mainly woke up the first time because my body was telling me Dude, bathroom, RIGHT QUICK.

(Here's some TMI: I seemed to crap out more than I could have possibly eaten yesterday, like I was a shit TARDIS.)

So I slept enough after that to have a second round of dreams today. They involved repeatedly forgetting things -- in this case, a red coat of mine -- in parts of dream-Portland & trying to find them again. While it's either sunny or suddenly raining the rain of monsoons. At least Portland's also very walkable in my dreams, not just in reality. But it was frustrating, going somewhere to get the coat, then leaving without it, then realizing I'd left without it, then going back. My dreams almost always involve lots of walking. Even my dream-self has strong legs.

Oh, by the way, this red coat? I haven't seen it for years. I'm sure it's somewhere in one of the family places. It's a good coat. And big. How big? One on college trip where my dorm rented a cabin in Sun River, Oregon, I used the coat as a sleeping bag.
Tags: dreams

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