Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pwn Toney channels Sam Spade

Part of the Portland Geek nexus that includes Cort and Fatboy, Rick Emerson, and Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran is the musician who goes by the name Pwn Toney. (If you don't know Internet-speak, rhyme "Pwn" with "own." By the way, you also can read his Twitter feed.)

Last night he held a listening party at the Space Room bar/ Brite Spot Restaurant on Hawthorne for his new album Star Pilot's Lament. It was a well-attended, well-lubricated, happy groove of an event, with a hiccup that happened after I left. I want to share his description of the gorgeous Goth-dressed patron who, unknowingly (or knowingly?) rudely, asked him to stop playing his own music (for a well-attended listening party, remember) and play something by the rapper Ma$e:

[O]ne look deep into her eyes just allowed you to see what was going on across the street.
That's hard-boiled, man. Chandler or Hammett would be proud. *approves*
Tags: music, portland

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