Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Olympathon next weekend!

I'll be hard to reach next weekend, because I'm going to get as close to something Olympic+ as I'm ever likely to be.

Saturday and Sunday June 11th and 12th, Portland is (perhaps the unknowing) host to the 2011 Geek Olympathon.

(Yes, its logo is the Olympic rings, two of which look like glasses with tape on them.++)

And I'm on a team, with four other people I've gotten to know through Geek Trivia: Steph and Ryan Castro from Atomic Arts (the Trek in the Park people), local acupuncturist/massage therapist Andrew Hill, and local student, instigator, good guy and could-be-a-Seth-Rogan impersonator Ryan Reid. Good people all, with varied skills which will be put to the test.

The contests, which will happen all the heck over Portland, will include organizing and filling a comic book longbox as quickly as possible, finding all the back issues that tie into a particular comic book story arc, untangling game console controls and wires so you can play a vintage video game, improvising a Star Trek scene, answering trivia, building Lego structures based on a given scenario, a PDX Yar-led scavenger hunt (excuse me, "scallywag hunt"), and more. Also, there's a longbox long jump. Yes, how many longboxes one can jump over with a running start. This is a thing that will happen.

What will I do? I hope bring honor to my team! (I'm not going to try to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, or hear the lamentation of their women. That's way too harsh for this.)

+ Getting close to someone Olympic is much easier, since a cousin of mine ran in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Really.

++ And hey, guess who has two thumbs and tape on his glasses? This guy. It's like I was meant to play!
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