Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The soundtrack for tonight is thunder and rain

The window to my left is open. There is gentle rain outside. There are occasional -- at least so far -- flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. Otherwise, for now, no sound.

It's somewhat humid, but by Portland standards, not Virginia standards. This is one of the times I'm glad I lived for years in Virginia.

Now I wait, for more thunder, maybe more flashes. Nothing too dramatic; it won't be a big storm. But that it's a storm at all: I like that. Judging from my Twitter feed, so do lots of other people in Portland I know.

It's quieter now. I'm tempted to have a window open while I sleep. Of course, that risks the weather getting less quiet, but the breeze and the ambiance may be worth it. I don't open my windows enough at night. We've now reached the season (finally -- finally) where that can be good to do.

There. Another small flash, well southeast of me. No attendant thunder, yet. Probably too far for that. Further east than me is Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, and he chimed in on Twitter just now:

Outer SE's sky looks like Chernobog's in Fantasia. Threatening clouds, jagged illumination - but no thunder. The air is on mute.
Is it fair to end one of my journal entries with someone else's words? (Though at least I don't claim they're mine. That would be a dick move. But I digress.)

Summer is about to do its thing. One of its things. And damn it I'm not doing a very good job of sounding profound right now so I'll stop. And, for now, keep the window open.
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