Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

June 6th, 2011. Yes, it is.

Right now, the temptation to write an entry that's a parody of my own entries is strong.

So maybe I shouldn't write much right now.

(I do owe anno_superstar an entry, and this is a note to show I haven't forgotten that, and will do so when I have both more time and more brain.)

I also have updates on my life I want to do here, but anything I wrote now would be more like bullet points, and events deserve something a little more substantive.

For now... what's up? If you feel like sayin'.

Oh, I'll pass along: X-Men First Class is pretty fun. And pretty sexy. That deserves mentioning.

And! I donated blood. And have made sure to have (I hope) enough water to follow up; I think I got dehydrated last time I donated. Not a mistake I'll make twice in a row...

To quote 80s-era Maury Povich, "Until next time, America." (And "until next time" to my one reader each in Sweden and New Zealand.)
Tags: blood

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