Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sometimes you just need to know these things

Were I to suddenly somehow be gone from this galaxy and be transported to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away -- hey, it could happen -- and be hearing all those cool blasts and orchestral pieces in space and be witness to entire planets blowing up in seconds or furry rugrats bringing down an empire, or maybe even possibly piss off an 8-foot-tall green rabbit, well, in order to orient myself and blend in I've a raft of Star Wars names I can give myself:

First, thanks to this -- -- I can be

Earthwar Sadr - a wanderer from Gerrard V
(A planet name which made me think "It'd be impressive...and throaty...")
Lightwar Sadr - a Jedi Knight from Gerrard V
Atomlast Aldhibah - a starship racer from Sulon
Aquafire Com - a prince from Aquilaris
Voidflame Arcturus - a droid dealer from Sarapin
Tos Mator - a padawan learner from Aldera
Also, according to this -- -- I could be...well,

Your Star Wars Name Is Chrwa Nepor

Your Star Wars Title Is Hslche of Nosnhoj Anna

Tags: memes, star wars

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