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This is not a paid endorsement.

You've likely heard how Portland's getting better known for food. At least one Portland company, Secret Aardvark, is getting better known for what gets added to food. Not only am I an increasingly happy user of its habanero sauce, I've made my friend bonnie_rocks on Long Island (as in New York) an increasingly happy user of its habanero sauce, too.

Thanks to the U.S. Mail and Bonnie's camera, I can show you this:

She's now a fan!
She's now a fan!
Long Island's Bonnie Beck with the bottle of Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce I sent her

I mailed it to her (after buying the bottle from Big-Ass Sandwiches downtown) because I thought she'd like it and because my family's done stuff like that before. In the 1970s we became big enough fans of Johnny's Salad Elegance seasoning (now called Salad & Pasta Elegance) that into the Nineties we'd have family members buy several containers at a time and mail them to us. We were Navy, anywhere from a thousand to three thousand miles away from the Northwest, but by gum we had Northwest seasoning! Well, with enough wrapping, it's safe to mail hot sauce, too. Thus, that.

I like the stuff so much, I bought the company I decided to have fun with the photo. Think this works?

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