Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Once again, the good kind of "wow"

Gaze upon winners:

Five of the six people in that shot were part of Monstars, the team that -- drum roll, please -- won Gold Prize last night at the first annual Portland Geek Olympathon!

(In the shot, left to right: Ryan Castro of Atomic Arts and Trek in the Park, safety manager and Alter Egos Society member Steph Castro (also Ryan's wife), PDX Yar member and Olympathon support staffer Dan Clark (he's also the one dressed as a pirate), me (holding the Geek Olympathon torch -- yes, there was a torch), local chiropractor/acupuncturist Andrew Hill (kneeling in front of me), and chiropractor student/ potential Seth Rogan impersonator Ryan Reid, though we know him as Seacrest. Don't ask me why.)

The win won us a trip for two of us -- not me, this time -- to San Diego Comic Con!

More description of how awesome this weekend was when I have time to write about it. First I need to wake up and be productive and stuff.

But, for now: SO COOL.
Tags: portland

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