Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And the letters go 'round my head

I'm still here, but busy and skimming.

Meanwhile, things just got busy at work. By my standards. Busy includes a five- or six-hour errand tomorrow afternoon, after we finish one of our "books." That's what we call our proposals, our "Hey, you're building [X], here's why we should build it!" It's a little more technical than that. Acronyms are involved. I spent this afternoon proofreading, seeing where (for example) we wrote "$230" when we meant "$230 million" (yeah, that makes a diff), and double-checking the acronyms. So I looked again and again and again at an acronym that was kind of like this --


-- and making sure it never changed to, say,


I ACTUALLY LIKE DOING THIS. Thank goodness my brain's wired to proof.
Tags: work

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