Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And boy, are my feet tired

Boring stretch of blog CONTINUES! You're warned right up front.

Speaking of boring, I got thinking of Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara today, the DJs I listened to as a teenager in the D.C. area. Sometimes if they'd gotten sick of bad callers, they'd warn that if the callers didn't less annoying, they'd punish us listeners with boring shows. And they'd do that. They had the skills to go from being fascinating, a hilarious daily soap opera on my radio dial, and leach all of that fascination right out. Perverse of them. It was one way they were bold together. Anyway, I'm good at semi-random associations right now.

Today was a drive-five-plus-hours-to-and-fro day, thanks to work. Long drive. It would be longer and more tiring if you had to power your car with your feet like Fred Flintstone. (Now I wonder if any rap song has referenced Fred Flintstone. This is what my mind does, in case the paragraph above this one didn't clue you in about that.)

Surprisingly apt for my mental state right now: Michael Kamen's nuts score to 1993's Last Action Hero, where he intentionally took the piss out of his own Lethal Weapon style and made it both funny -- and he was already good at making his music funny, but he upped his game there -- and still effective as a film score. It's an absolute mess of a movie -- yes, I've seen it (borrowed from the Hermiston library back in the Nineties) -- but Kamen did what he could with it. And I like his style a lot, so at some point I bought a used cassette tape of that score. Dug it out today on the (mistaken) assumption that the company car had a tape player. No, not the one I used, just a radio. So I'm listening to it after my drive.

Are you having a good night? If so, keep doing it. If not, that changes...NOW!

(Let me know if that worked.)
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