Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This is why I walk.

Today's been a walking day. I took advantage. Walked at lunch (left a gift for someone nice during the walk, too+), then walked after work, both times reveling in finally for now not needing a coat because of cold wetness. It's gotten summerish -- briefly (it'll cool down and get drizzly tomorrow) -- and I knew I wanted that sweet, sweet source of Vitamin D. Seriously, nutrients from the sun: it's not just for plant life!

So I walked out of downtown. And happened to be just about finished crossing the lift-able portion of the Hawthorne Bridge when the sirens, the ones that sound before a lift, sounded. I got to watch a Hawthorne Bridge bridge-lift from close quarters, and the Portland Spirit pass through the gap, on a nice day where I can get a little sweat on and enjoy the late-afternoon sun slanting past downtown's buildings and feel a bit of breeze.

Though it made me wish I'd brought my camera. (But yay words! For describing!)

+ Recently I finished reading the novel Fathom by Cherie Priest (cmpriest), who's since had a genuine hit with her good, neat steampunk-inspired novels Boneshaker (which I liked) and Dreadnought (which I liked more). But I need less stuff (and fewer things (see what I did there? Word choice lesson!)), and I realized I know a definite Cherie Priest fan: news anchor Steph Stricklen, of KGW News Channel 8, and who's on Twitter. So at lunch I walked to the main KGW Studios -- it was also a nice time to walk then, too -- and dropped off the book. And a few minutes ago Stricklen responded on Twitter...enthusiastically. *beams*

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