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Portland has gotten Major League Soccer, and I've been having fun with that: watching and cheering on the Timbers' games (on TV so far; don't know if I'll make it to the stadium for a game), getting to know the people in the long-lived Timbers Army community, which has been DEEPLY enthused about the team's move-up, and smiling at this commercial with Timbers coach John Spencer:

It's Spencer's seat belt instructions that get me. "To fasten your seat belt, you'll take this little fiddly bit and insaert that little fiddly bit..." Listen to that Scottish-voiced instruction more than once, like I have, and it could start to get mantra-like. And then start to maybe mean something that it didn't originally mean, if you know what I mean.

If you were still listening to a Morning Zoo-type program, you would. That sound clip's exactly the sort of thing that gets dropped into a show like that and repeated, and repeated, and

"'ll take this little fiddly bit and insaert that little fiddly bit..."

--repeated! Maybe not on my all-time favorite Morning Zoo, WAVA's The Morning Zoo with Don and Mike (1985-1991), one of the Morning Zoos I think was actually worth a damn. I've written before about this, but what elevated that show was that not only was it funny, but Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara had a sense for the dramatic and for storytelling so that the show (not only that original show but their later shows after they moved to WJFK), not only through their performed bits but also just through how they reacted to what was really going on in their lives, developed this wonderful soap opera quality. Yes, I appreciate soap operas. (Stephen King does, too.) Maybe Don and Mike would've repeated it for the sake of comedy. Maybe other shows would've repeated it for the sake of comedy and not succeeded.

But why did my mind go to that? It did because I've listened to a lot of radio. Still do, though more of the radio shows are now radio-style shows on the Internet, because broadcasting is evolving and I know people involved in that evolution. Many of them have been DJs, before the radio industry went from crazy to crazier and laid off a lot of them. They've thought like DJs. Did I have a flash moment of thinking like a DJ too? And am I learning more about the subtle art of the callback? Where you refer to something and sometime later

"'ll take this little fiddly bit and insaert that little fiddly bit..."

--you call back to it? And can I get good at that? I am always trying to be funnier, after all. I maybe think too much about being funny, like it's the most important thing to be, which it isn't, but it's fun! Like

"'ll take this little fiddly bit and insaert that little fiddly bit..."

--that! It's enjoyable. It's a learned skill, and a fun skill. Just as long as

"'ll take this little fiddly bit and insaert that little fiddly bit..."

--you don't overdo it.

(Forget "Now is your tongue numb?"; now is your MIND numb?)
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