Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Should be a quiet-ish week. Not expecting surprise defenestrations or anything. Of course, neither was John Locke.

It was a quiet weekend, too, which was nice after a busy-ish week and the insanely busy weekend before it. Stuck close to home. The big treat was brunch at the Delta Cafe in the Woodstock neighborhood: blackened snapper on a bed of grits plus collard greens. That was Sunday, the day this weekend that I was presentable enough to go out. Also chatted on the phone with my dad, who was enjoying Father's Day and had gotten a Father's Day update from my brother T.J. Turns out T.J.'s sons had asked what he wanted for a gift, and he said "I know it's a cliche, but I really could use new ties." So T.J. has more ties now, courtesy 9-year-old twin boys. I wonder if/how they're outlandish.

In random notes, last night I slept with an eye mask on, because the lights in an apartment in a neighboring building seemed to be on brighter than usual, and I wanted more dark. Yes, I sometimes wear an eye mask.

Less randomly, click on this if you want to hear a few thoughts on comedy while also hearing a thick Scottish accent. I wrote that Saturday and amused myself writing it, and want to share it further.

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