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Starring as King Arthur, Brian of Nazareth, and now...himself!

First off, thank you for this, briansiano:

I've known for years that Monty Python's Graham Chapman wrote -- actually co-wrote, with a bunch of friends and authors, such as Douglas Adams -- a now out-of-print book full of content that was sometimes true, sometimes as falsified as an arrest report for the Loch Ness Monster. The book was called A Liar's Autobiography: Vol. VI, which tells you a lot about its author. Chapman's been gone from this world for 22 years...but now he's being recreated. Sort of.

Graham Chapman, whose death from cancer in 1989 forever closed the door on a full reunion of the Monty Python comedy troupe, will soon be back in what might be the next best thing: he will star in a 3-D animated version of his absurdist memoir, “A Liar’s Autobiography: Volume VI,” with most or all of the surviving Python members performing roles that are cut together with Chapman’s voice from a taped reading made shortly before he died.

...“Graham’s is the story of a man who was openly gay but secretly alcoholic,” Mr. [Jeff] Simpson said. “This is not the story of Monty Python, it is a man’s life,” he added.

Hoping to make a documentary about Mr. Chapman, Mr. Simpson said he was initially disappointed during a visit to Mr. Chapman’s life partner, David Sherlock, who told him that home movies and other raw materials for a possible film did not exist. But Mr. Sherlock mentioned Mr. Chapman’s taped reading of the book, recorded in a single night in the studio of a Chapman friend, Harry Nilsson, at a time when audiobook recordings were not yet commonplace.

The idea of blending Mr. Chapman’s voice with animation and added dialogue from his old partners grew from talks with Mr. Timlett and Bill Jones, who had already made a six-part documentary series called “Monty Python: Almost the Truth — The Lawyer’s Cut.”

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