Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Excuses, excuses

I was late getting out of the apartment yesterday morning. Within half an hour of getting out and headed to work, I got reminded that it seems to be days you're late that other forces are more likely to conspire to make you later. Yesterday, it was a bus -- one or two buses later than the buses I usually take to work -- that never showed up, so instead of waiting 15 minutes for a bus I waited 30 minutes, and started work about half an hour late. The bus that did arrive, was crowded, a clue that a bus never showed up.

Usually in situations like that, I try to be more proactive. I live close enough to some other bus lines that would get me near my office that I could have started walking and gotten to another one, probsbly beating the #19 bus that did finally show, but that time I didn't. It's GOT TO show up pretty soon was my thought, because I got worried that walking would mean the bus would then show up when I was between stops and this wouldn't help; it weould just be movement for the sake of movement. (Though it's one wey I'm like my dad: when commuting, I don't like to be stopped.) Congrats, Chris, you were overthinking your morning trip to work.

I finally made it to the office, as I said about half an hour late, and? Speaking of overthinking it? I wondered whether or not I should say to my co-workers "Sorry I'm late. My bus was late." Because that wouldn't have been an issue if I'd hit the road on time. So I should "own" (as is said) the part that's my fault and that I'd wantto be sorry about. I shouldn't be sorry about a bus not showing up. And saying "I'm sorry, the bus is late" is a step away from "I'm sorry, but..." -- and I once decided that when someone says "I'm sorry, but...," it makes that person significantly less likely to be sorry. (Some who I know like to think it means the person's not and never sorry. I'm not that absolutist about it.) But I shouldn't have been worried that my co-workers would be all Oh, you're not sorry. Blame the bus and the driver and everyone else. Excuses are easy. And you know? They usually are.

So. Is an explanation needed? Is it expected? My co-workers don't need me narrating everything that made me late. (Only you do. Heh.) Just me noting that yep, I was late. At least I don't make a habit out of it. Overthinking, though, I do make a habit out of that.

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