Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


And "this" is Axe Cop.

That is all.

Wait, I should say more! 1) I'd heard of Axe Cop soon after it hit the Web in early 2010. 2) Back then I thought "That could be my kind of madness." 3) At Geek Trivia this past Tuesday I won a copy of Dark Horse Comics's first collection of Axe Cop comics, AND IT IS. I mean, my kind of madness. 4) Axe Cop is written by a boy, Malachai Nicolle, who's age 6 now and was 5 when he started. It's drawn by his brother, Ethan Nicolle, who's age 30 now and was 29 when he started making the comic with Malachai. It grew out of their play times. 5) Kids think up crazy stuff. 6) THIS SHOULD NOT SURPRISE YOU. 7) Axe Cop must fight with, or fight alongside, dinosaurs, ninjas, vampires, German Shepherds, zombies, and a duck. Speaking of: 8) Baby-Man chasing the duck in "The Ultimate Battle" may be THE GREATEST THING EVER. Plus woo hoo for the Fremont Bridge cameo! Ethan Nicolle just added sidewalks. 9) It is surprisingly satisfying to yell what Axe Cop yells at bad guys, which is "I will chop your head off!" 10) Sharks WOULD be more awesome if they a) didn't eat people and b) had legs. 11) I know one of the artists who's done an Axe Cop guest comic! 12) At one while writing this I misspelled it "Aex." "Aex" needs to be a character name.
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