Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Another person never to be like


So my morning bus needed to make a left turn. Standing, literally, in the way of this? A bicyclist. In a part of the road that the bus would need to be in to make the turn. And he would not move. He kept not moving. The bus driver stopped, opened his left-side window, and asked him to do so. He wouldn't. The driver said, "We'll just wait here on you." A passenger said "Come on, just move!" The bicyclist protested that he was allowed to be in that spot, ahead of the stop line for cars at that light. "That's not a bike box," the bus driver pointed out. In other words, the bicyclist was A) wrong and B) in the wrong spot, which would've trumped him being right anyway because, yo, physics, it works. Had a car been in the same spot, the bus would've crunched it. Worse would've happened to the bicyclist.

The bicyclist moved back a bit. A BIT. The driver pulled the bus forward. Still not enough room to maneuver. More yelling for the guy to move. THE BICYCLIST STARTED FLIPPING OFF THE DRIVER, THE PASSENGERS, AND MAYBE THE BUS JUST ON GENERAL PRINCIPLES. Jaws were dropping by this point. People were laughing. This, I'm guessing, made the biyclist madder (grim-faced guy, too, by the way). People returned the favor, i.e. they started flipping him off. I was tempted to lean towards a window and laugh at the guy. The bus passed LESS THAN A FOOT from the bicyclist.

I had NEVER run into that stereotype before. Never, in 10 years of living here. But at least I knew it existed. Thank you, Portlandia!

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