Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


How long will this long weekend feel like?

After having a four-day work week that felt like five, with a Thursday where it seemed three-quarters of the office was in A Mood and I had to be REALLY PATIENT to navigate that (and I was in A Mood and not wanting to be patient, on top of that), I'm hoping this long weekend feels refreshingly long. Which it has a damn good chance of being.

This afternoon I'll get into a car with my folks and head an hour up the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River, and tomorrow we'll join more family -- including members who live in Denmark and Guam -- for an uncle of mine's 70th birthday. I'll also get to meet at least two family members I've never met yet, because did you notice I mentioned "Denmark"?

Sometime late Saturday or early Sunday I'll then return up the Gorge to this city, regroup, and head out for my Sunday thing: a party, with friends this time, out in Sandy, Oregon. (I may drive past a school my company is building.) Said friends, my former call center co-worker Matt and his wife Gerry, are visiting from Hawaii because even Hawaiians need to vacation somewhere. Plus lots of their family are here.

I'm bringing actual snacks to both. Seasoned oyster crackers, which are easy to make but which I keep forgetting to make. But I got the needed ingredients last night and put them together this morning. So I'll help feed people. I should do this more.

I'm hoping this all indeed is relaxing. Can I relax? We shall see!

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