Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This, I'm antsy about?

C'mon, National Football League! C'mon, owners and c'mon, players! Work your issues out.

I realized that for the first time in my fan life I'm antsy about a sports season maybe not happening. Here we are, a month out from when pre-season NFL would normally start and I'm not usually thinking about football (yeah, yeah, American football, I'll clarify) at this time of the year. I am this time, partly from the news, partly from following Chad Ochocinco on Twitter. Let, him, play! (He can focus on football again.) Let him and all the other players play!

This situation is not the same as a strike, but it reminds me of how one of the NFL strikes in the 1980s annoyed my mom. The strike happened during one of Dad's Naval cruises that took him away from us for six (and, one time, nine) months at a time, and as watching the games on Sunday was one of Mom's personal indulgences when she was sole adult supervision for pre-teen T.J. and single-digit-age me, she was all C'mon, players! My husband is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY, you can throw and run your leather ball around! Priorities, people!

OK, I do have other priorities right now. I'm not THAT wrapped up in whether or not this impasse can be broken. IT WOULD BE NICE, that's all.

At least there'll be college football.
Tags: sport!

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