Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Don't quit your show," Dave Chappelle said.

Writer Touré is among those of us who's been wondering how Dave Chappelle's been, since Chappelle became more legendary by almost literally walking away from a multi-million-dollar contract. (In 2005, during production of what was to be the third season of his hit Comedy Central program Chappelle's Show, Chappelle had a crisis of faith that led him to believe he could not in good conscience continue the program, so he briefly left the country, spent time regaining perspective in South Africa, let the show end, and has only rarely appeared in public or performed since then.)

Recently, Touré saw Chappelle in one of his "secret shows," barely-announced stand-up appearances.

If you look at the top of the tab after opening that article, the piece is referred to as "Dave Chappelle: Is He Staging A Comeback?," but the piece is trying to answer a bigger question: what does it mean now to be Dave Chappelle? And we get a glimpse of as smart, thoughtful and at times collapsingly funny a person as Dave Chappelle trying to answer that.

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