Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pirates are surprisingly generous sellers.

It's been too long since I've gone to a yard sale. Course, I'm poor. Or trying to act poor-ish. But I've had good results at yard sales (including, hey, that time when I met s00j!), and I have a car and the ability to drive it.

It helps when the sale's for a good cause. I mention those PDX Yar ruffians, the people I know who often dress like pirates, and they're clearing out a North Portland garage as the next site where they'll work on their ship, El Tiburon. That's right, they're building a ship, one that can ride on the back of a flatbed or some other transportation implement, and take it to their appearances. The ship's design is even based on real, historical, sea-worthy ships, though this one will never sail. It's still cool.

And now stuff is owned by me that had been in that garage where El Tiburon will soon go.

Random yard sale haul is random: the garage had a plethora of McDonald's banners, including a "Blast in to Win!" banner for 1998's Armageddon. The pirates referred to that as "20 feet of Michael Bay." They hung that from a fence along the alley that went past the garage, along with banners for Disney's Peter Pan (with Ronald McDonald as the world's least convincing pirate) and -- how's this for obscure? -- the Wonderful World of Disney film The Garbage-Picking Field Goal-Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon, starring Tony Danza. Also from 1998 (thanks, Wikipedia!). At the front table, along with an octopus painting, a small orange traffic cone labeled "Clothing Optional," and the cell phone they used for ringing up credit card purchases, was food:

Cookies: $1
Brownies: $1
Napkins: $10

Yeah. Pirates.

It rained a lot, sometimes drenchingly, and we huddled in the garage or under the multitude of canopies. During one spell I pulled the book Orygone III, a 1977 tongue-in-cheek picture book by James Cloutier and read its oh-so-apropos epigraph: " was Sunday and it was raining and it was Oregon." (John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley) We also looked through books (including a truly rude sex novel where you could look at almost any line at random and it would be something X-rated), marveled at action figures and toys -- there was a Johnny Cash action figure, which is now MINE -- and had fun with chainsaws. Yes, there were chainsaws. Not on sale, I'm guessing, but I still hefted one and went all lift-it-menacingly-like.

The pirates added that anything I could grab from under one particular canopy to the side of the garage could be had for five bucks total. I briefly put about 5 ballcaps on my head. (Eventually I went with one. I wasn't feeling greedy.)

Except for that bootleg Spartacus score CD I bought in college, this was likely my only time buying from pirates!
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