Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Go to the lighter.

Heavy news so far this weekend, due to Norway, the death I posted about earlier and -- Jesus, more death? -- and, I admit, I want to think about something lighter.

The Laurelhurst Theater is playing Thor at 9:15. Yeah, I think that'll fit the bill.

I've been meaning to go to more of this summer's big movies at Portland's fine selection of second-run theaters, anyway -- to save money, and to avoid 3-D screenings -- and this film sounds like fun. Don't know if it'll yet make me forgive director Kenneth Branagh for what he did with Frankenstein 17 years ago, but hey, comic book action, fun performances, and smiling Natalie Portman. Plus I can once again hear how to pronounce Mjolnir.
Tags: portland

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