Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Ignore this if you've never watched Farscape.


Argh I never liked Stark as a character never ever ever argh.

He always or almost always jarred, for me, like he was in the wrong show. Yes, I know Farscape was over-the-top and opulent (what Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast) once called "great, like Star Trek for goths"), from its first episode to The Peacekeeper Wars, but Goddard just seemed off, enough to annoy me.

Also he kept almost kinda sorta reminding me of Dwight Schultz, who A) I actually like and B) played Howling Mad Murdock on The A-Team and Barclay (full name Endicott Reginald Barclay III) on Star Trek: The Next Generation. But as maddening as Barclay could be on TNG, I, well, okay, I never wanted to slap him and yell "Snap out of it!"

Yeah, that was my biggest complaint. That could be a compelling show. I knew that even before I watched it, from people's reactions to it: they were enough to convince me to write to the SciFi Channel when it cancelled Farscape and ask them to reconsider, even though at that point I hadn't watched any of the show yet.+

This rant brought to you by my finally finishing my first full Farscape view-through. Now I feel ready to start reading the comics. Including the Farscape miniseries with a character named after me (see icon). Thanks, kradical!

OK. Calm down now, Chris. Think soothing thoughts of Aeryn or Sikozu...

+ Side story that's even more about me: Farscape is probably a reason that I blog. Dig if you will the picture Follow this sequence of events: 1) from the mid-90s on I tend to write long emails, kind of proto-blog entries, to several friends and family. 2) I find Neil Gaiman's blog. 3) I become aware through him of the aforementioned Caitlin R. Kiernan, and click through to her site sometimes. 4) Neil Gaiman mentions on his blog that Farscape's getting cancelled, and Kiernan is one of the people campaigning to bring it back, plus he adds that her blog is worth reading. 5) I write a letter to the SciFi Channel. 6) I also start reading Kiernan's blog. 7) I also also start reading a connected CRK/Poppy Z. Brite bulletin board -- a board long since gone, don't go looking for it -- and get to know a bunch of people, several of whom have links in their bulletin board profiles to LiveJournal accounts. 8) Something like OVER A YEAR later, I finally get sick of commenting to their blogs through LJ's anonymous posting feature (though I do try to sign my name to each comment) and create an account, mainly to make comments and maybe, maybe, to do some of that blogging thing. THUS, THIS. Which I've done since September 2004. So Farscape's got that sequence of events going for it. Sort of.

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