Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blogging, once again, is possible

(Also? I use gerunds A LOT in my journal titles. I also often write words like "thus" and "so.")

Somehow the latest Directed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on LJ has been stopped or at least mitigated. I'd like to imagine beatings of those hackers were involved. Or at least the threat of what Frank the Goat could possibly gnaw. (You deprive me of LiveJournal at your peril. At least in my overheated mind.) Thank you, LJ people.


Today was a day off, which is good as yesterday was long and exhausting and I was punchy for the last several hours of it. (One reason, not the only one but the only one I'll bring up here, was that it was a deadline day at work.) Laundry is happening -- two loads! First load dry and out and second load loaded into the dryer before the first batch of time on the dryer was done! I save a quarter! -- and, before that, a haircut. A needed haircut, because this morning when I woke up my hair was threatening to turn into Cosmo Kramer hair. And that's not a good look for me.

It's additionally good that today was a day off as it got sunny and nice, which it didn't look like it would first thing. The clouds had started to break by the time I headed out with a book (Sapphique by Catherine Fisher, the second book in the Incarceron series, which I've been enjoying), and by the time I'd reached a haircut place it was sunny, sunny, sunny. No: sun-kissed, it sounds more poetic. This was followed by library time, more walking through the Hawthorne neighborhood, and a treat lunch at Cup & Saucer. I had a grilled veggie sandwich, plus a side of sausage. Because I do like meat.

That's among the good. You? I hope you're among the good, too.

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