Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


"Sometimes you have to move. Why? Too much schtuff." -- George Carlin

How about having less schtuff? Oh, yeah, that can work.

It's been a cleaning weekend (in between getting out to yesterday's Trek in the Park and having science-fictional thoughts). I got rid of an ancient bedspread of mine -- as in "used it in the Eighties and maybe the Seventies" ancient -- that almost literally had had the stuffing beaten out of it. I could do this because I'd finally bought another bedspread at Goodwill, where I went this morning to drop off two bags' worth of schtuff. Books I no longer needed or wanted, slippers that someone else could use, freebies I never asked for but had been given to me over the years anyway, some toys that others would appreciate more: they're now in a bin, or getting sorted out of a bin on their way to maybe possibly going to someone who'd like them.

Earlier than that, I got schtuff out of my closet. Cleared its floor for the first time in years, and stepped inside to see how my place looked from that perspective. I'm a sucker for different perspectives. And then I had schtuff I could sort, some of which is now getting washed because it can use washing (e.g. bedsheets I haven't used in a while). The closet floor now holds a rolled-up sleeping bag and back issues of Air & Space Magazine from 1986 to 1994; I'll either donate those to the county library's used book store (nicely named Title Wave) or recycle them. And then the floor can be used for something better!

Because being choosy at Goodwill is a bad idea, and because one goal of mine is to move to a place that can accommodate a larger bed, my new bedspread is flower-themed. I look at it and want to mangle Captain Mal: "I swear by my pretty floral bedspread I will end you." I decided it wasn't overly girly and would do the job, and hey, I won't risk getting stuffing in my mouth. I prefer (Stove Top anyway.)

This entry has used the word "schtuff" in honor of George Carlin. I also think maybe we should honor him by adding "schtuff" to our Spell Check.

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