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Another reason to love Carrie Brownstein

I decided at some point that the member of Sleater-Kinney I liked the best, that I got the best "vibe" from, was Carrie Brownstein, on guitar and some of the vocals. (She also seemed safest to lust after appreciate: guitarist and lead singer Corin Tucker is already married and a mother, and drummer Janet Weiss kind of reminds me of my sister-in-law.)

Then Carrie Brownstein said this at last weekend's farewell-for-now concert:

Did you know the U.S. Open is being held in town this weekend? For real. The U.S. Open of Footbag. For those of you not "in the know" (*makes the quote-mark finger gesture*), "Footbag" is hackey sack. You wanna know where I'll be a year from now? Look for me there.
I like finding more reasons to like her.
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