Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Warm, but not too warm, not molten warm, not flame-eruptions warm -- Portland is, again, being lucky. A mild, sometimes wet and cool summer's been occurring. Took a while to even feel like summer; again, lucky considering what the weather's been doing to a lot of places. Urg, on behalf of the lot of you who've been hit with that.

That said: It's mainly been in the past few weeks that I've really had chances to sweat. And I've been glad to.

I've been known to hold my arms out bring-it-on style when I've been out in the sun lately, soaking and grinning. Mayhaps I'm really solar-powered, the way popfiend is, and now, after months of the wet, I'm in my element. Sunning myself like a scorpion.

(Well, I *am* a Scorpio. I may as well show some of those traits.)

I will do this more, with judicious application of sunblock, as my ancestors are all from poorly-lit countries and I'm pasty. Not the glorious paledom of, say, Nicole Kidman or Felicia Day, but pale. Pasty-pale, that kind of pale, trending towards pinkish. Maybe a little more pinkish at lunch, when I brave the light in the public squares outside my office building, as I've done lately. Again, Soaking Up The Sun. For me, it's still a good idea (IN MODERATION, yes, I know, don't harp).

Memories of Sweat: June 2006, when I went to Virginia for my friend Tarah's wedding. That trip, I actually sweated away a few pounds. Wasn't trying to, but even with eating rich wedding-event-related food, I was darting and jumping so much and sweating enough that the body was making weight leave me. (Some of that darting-and-jumping, I did on the Sunday morning after the wedding, when Tarah, her husband John and I ran around Washington, D.C.'s Monumental Core takign informal wedding pictures. That was my wedding gift to them; losing a few pounds I didn't need was a gift to me!

I'm not trying to lose weight now. I'm at a decent weight, honestly. I'll use warmth for other reasons.

May y'all be warm without being too hot. Except when you want to be hot. Which, hey! Will be easy.

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