Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Seven days of sickness make one weak

I think I’ve recovered.
It could be I’m well.
I hope that my sickness
Has departed my shell.

(Woo hoo! Doggerel!)

Yesterday I dealt with a headache, dizziness, and an inability to really taste anything. Today the headache is gone, the dizziness has happened only occasionally and not as intensely as yesterday, and I know my taste is back: the chocolate hazelnut milkshake and the smoked salmon salad Mom brought from Burgerville were both yummy. Yes, Mom was nice enough to deliver me groceries and a treat this afternoon. We spent the last hour or so visiting.

I’m taking it easy today, to be absolutely sure I’m healthy again, and then tomorrow I’ll do something Super Bowl-y.
Tags: poetical

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