Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The brain's connected to the fingers, so let's type out thoughts

Maybe this will go quicker as quick items:

Things have been busy enough this week in general and today in particular that I should sleep fine once I'm asleep, but since I had more coffee today than maybe I should have (I brewed it! I wanted to be sure it got used!) I made sure to exert a little more than usual by walking out of downtown, instead of bussing. Cross the north side of the Hawthorne Bridge then took two buses home once I was on the east side of the river. Walking works. It can lead you past pretty places and pretty people. :-)

My company may have a chance to do something neat. And that's all I'll say.

I had a chance today to explain my department's job (and construction in general) to kids. I think I did all right at that. A goal of mine: always be a good explainer. Seems like I'm picking up on stuff, doing this job...

Something else neat I can talk about: Geek Trivia. Which stays neat, and fun. I actually danced Tuesday night at Geek Trivia (to Nyan Cat!) and helped my team place third in Round 2 by naming the Roger Moore Bond films in order. (Quite a few people thought On Her Majesty's Secret Service was a Roger Moore Bond. No. To quote Kevin Spacey, "WRONG!")

And! Geek Trivia has inspired me to write my own attempted trivia questions. Cort and Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, who are the Geek Trivia quizmasters now, at least look at suggestions for questions. I came up with 9 on Tuesday night, plus a 10th and an 11th that I'd tried submitting before (to people who used to write the questions) that didn't get used. Maybe some will get used, maybe they won't. If they do, I'll still go to that trivia night and see how people react to them. And not play, obviously. (I'm flashing on artist James Fry's drawing of himself on Jeopardy! saying "Alex, I'll take 'Things Only I Know' for $200.")

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