Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Plus you can't ever get good references for dream-contractors

And it means what, exactly, when you dream about a location you've only dreamed about and the dream is about that dream-location being torn down to make room for something else?

I re-dreamed this kids' park, kind of a more sprawling Enchanted Forest maybe, crossed with something like the San Diego Wild Animal Park (name changed to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I know more now), and part of this park was a semi-enclosed aviary-style space with various small rides for kids to ride. This place was AWESOME. My inner kid still remembers rides like that, I'd say.

And I was overhearing people talk about how it was going to be torn down and replaced.

Replaced with what? My dream-mind didn't say. The hint was that it was planned to be AWESOME. The hope was that it was planned to be AWESOME. And yes, AWESOME was strong enough to rate being put in capitals.

But c'mon, it's dream-environment. It's not like Dark City where things have to move around or be re-done (though at least Dark City may pair you up with Jennifer Connelly, and that? Would be AWESOME). Dream-environments can be as sprawling as you want it! Maybe things do move around, but in my experience -- and I think a lot about my dreams, so it really feels like I experience them -- it's almost always additive. "Oh, here's another part of that combination San Francisco-Seattle I keep imagining." I can't recall a part of my dream being about something about to go away from that environment, because there's as much environment as you want. Real-world environments aren't like that, so things get knocked down to, you hope, make way for something also awesome.

I do work for a construction company, you may remember. Our jobs involve sometimes knocking down stuff.

What are you trying to tell me, Dream-Self? Anything? Other than "Hey! I dreamed a place that's AWESOME!"?
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