Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

DID thoughts like this keep me out of the really good schools?

How close are planes allowed to fly to Mt. Everest?

Probably not too close. 29,029 feet is close to a lot of planes' cruising altitudes. That cuts it a BIT close. Thinking of that made me imagine a climbing team finally, finally, finally summitting this mountain that's claimed so many lives, but they can take oxygen-deprived pride at standing at the single highest rock on our planet when VROOOOOOSH a 767 buzzes and knocks the climbers, the sherpas, the equipment off into the jet backwash...

Oy. I got dizzy just writing that. Sorry.

But now I really do wonder how close you're allowed to fly to Mt. Everest. No idea if even the Internet knows this.
Tags: creme de la chris

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