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Wishful reading

The invite said Saturday. It said Saturday morning, from this time to that time, at this site, plus Portland's weather was (and is) hella conducive to going out in it so I went.

And halfway through the time specified, all that had happened in that spot was people running by with their dogs and a city employee cleaning up trash.

Worst flash mob ever? No, me misreading an invite for THE WRONG FLIPPIN' SATURDAY. The event's not for a few Saturdays. And no, I don't need to be THAT prepared for it.

Plus, hey, the weather is niiiiiiiiiiice -- warmth! Comfort! No hurricane or even rain worries here right now! -- and I got to sit outside on a nice morning, read, walk around for a bit, and enjoy a quiet spot. Which will be decidedly not noisy a few weeks from now.

(Vague post due to it being a private event invite. There is such a thing as Facebook privacy.)
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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