Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

All Your Mornings

Even with all these years of reading blogs, even with being involved in the sometimes near-granular blogging LiveJournal encourages, it hits me sometimes: I get so wrapped up in waking up in the morning that I almost can't picture how everyone else is waking up in the morning.

I'm making my slow way out of sleep, getting some food and catching up on recent writings by all of you and others not on LJ, engaging the brain so it's ready to work and to interact in person once I'm out of the apartment.

Meanwhile some of you have been up since 4. Or maybe 2. Errands have been run. Cafes and coffee houses have opened. Sidewalks have been washed. Garbage trucks and recycling trucks are rumbling around. Commutes are in progress. In some cases, lovemaking's been had. Probably not on those commutes.

Mornings, at least for me, are a close time. One deals with what's going on in your home or apartment and maybe what's happening one or two homes or apartments or buildings around you. The radio or TV (or both) may be giving you details of what's happening elsewhere. Meanwhile, light appears outside and the outside gets lighter. The curtain, metaphorically, rises. (This is the kind of writing I think of when it's this early.) The day will get busier, with more people -- all of whom are marshaling their energy and resources for the day. That can include marshaling those by sleeping.

However you're starting your day, I hope it's comfortable. Mornings deserve to be comfortable.

So: what's up? *heads off to read more and find out*

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