Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Day off. Making sure to get an easy start to it. Reading in bed, getting out of bed to take care of bathroom needs, opening the bathroom window to get some needed airflow (you know why), going back to bed to read more...

...and, thankfully, not being asleep when VRUUUUUUUUUUUUUM tree-trimming starts soon after 8 a.m. Very close to that open window.

Good alert! Would've been nice (he said passive-aggressively) to have had more notice, because there were notes on the outside doors when I went outside to see what was up but they weren't there last night when I'd gotten home. At least I looked presentable enough this morning in sweatpants, socks, my ROCK BAND t-shirt that I sleep in plus my hard shoes -- hey, they were the quickest to put on -- to go outside and move my car, which the note asked me to do. Good thing I read it.

These trees need trimming, definitely. Those in the back have gotten thick and drippy. My car has gotten a lot of junk dripped on it, and this summer seemed worse about that than previous summers, where I've been parked in the same spot. (And in one heck of a close call, half of one of those trees in the back broke off a while ago -- and didn't hit the building or my car, but fell and landed, leaning, next to the lower half of that tree. Really.)

So that's happening. As long as no limbs go through my apartment windows, I'll be mostly all right.

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