Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It pays to ask

I don't do home improvements. That's because I don't have a house. "Home" is this rented studio in inner SE Portland, and the people who handle maintenance are far more capable than I am so far. (The landlord's even talked me through one particular maintenance thing that I'm glad I can do if I need to, so I could get more skills in that department.) The point is, I don't have cause to go into hardware stores. Usually.

Except that after I ate both a hamburger and a cheeseburger at Burgerville, I bussed south so I could get to the QFC that's relatively convenient to said apartment to get like six bucks' worth of needed groceries, and due to a side-trip I was coming to the supermarket not from the north as usual but from the south, and walked past a hardware sture that turned out to be open for Labor Day. And I remembered needing a home improvement thing. But not for home improvement.

Paint-stirring sticks. I've meant to get some of them to help secure something (I won't say what yet) wide and flat I've meant to mail to someone. I got advice some months ago from a guy at the Post Office as to how best to mail it, and "two big sheets of cardboard and paint sticks" were part of his suggested plan. I have the two pieces of cardboard, they've been sitting next to my TV-watching chair for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to asking for the next suggested thing.

Did you know you can get paint-stirring sticks for free just by asking? Seriously, I didn't know and was all ready to buy them, but the guy who'd helped me find them said I was fine to have them. Thank you, sir!

This shouldn't blow the mind the way it did, but hell, I don't mind being a simple person sometimes.

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