Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

When I've been good

(I first considered titling this "When I was good," but that implied I'd stopped being good.)

In a quiet moment, blog-wise. A lot to think about, in ways that don't translate to much posting. But A) I'm still here, B) I'm still reading, and C) there are ways to reach writing of mine that you might also like...

In moments where I need reminding that I'm good at this writing thing, I can look at my blog entries which I tagged "Creme de la Chris." Whether they're short or long, funny or serious, those entries are entries where I feel I successfully stretched, reached especially worthwhile thoughts, expressed especially well.

I hope to add to it. In the meantime-in-between-time, you can read what's come before.

Creme de la Chris. Because I like being good at this.
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