Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And after I was in the Portlandia shoot...

...who do I completely randomly run into but family! I'd decided to go to the Popeye's at NE MLK and Ainsworth for lunch, and as I walked through the parking lot towards a door I heard honking. Then more honking. Then I looked back and saw a minivan with my cousin Steph, Steph's sister/my cousin Allie, Steph's husband Paul, and Steph and Paul's daughter Eloisa. I'd forgotten Allie was in town; I'd known Steph, Paul and Eloisa were, because they'd just moved here from Sparks, Nevada. They luckily spotted me while headed from their new NE Portland home to a furniture store down Milwaukie way, and rendezvoused with me. We laughed about this. Paul asked if I was lost. I told them a bit about the film shoot. We waved and wished each other well and went our ways, me to eat, them to shop.

Cool! And Portland's a small town, still.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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