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Call Me Shredhead

A couple of pounds of paperwork is in my backpack, awaiting shredding. I got on a BIG cleaning-and-sorting kick today, Paperwork Edition: turned out I had credit card statements all the way back to 1997. Much of those, many many bills from the past decade (as opposed to what's now two decades ago, heh), and lots of forms related to a car I no longer own are going with me to work. The office's mailroom shredder will get a big breakfast.

It's a big but basic shredder. I've heard of even bigger, shred-ier shredders that pulp the paper so thoroughly that it comes out wet. Good for government shredding! I don't need this shredded that much. This will be plenty...and still satisfying.

I'm throwing out, recycling, and donating plenty of other stuff after today, too. Hell of a thing, killing a man A satisfying thing, getting rid of what I don't need but which others might. T-shirts I no longer wear may get worn by someone else! Those books I've finished may get read further!

I had to take a break before I got too throw-away-happy, though. Being in purge mode can be dangerous, and I tried to be careful not to grab-and-trash, grab-and-trash, grab-and-trash. I'll never 100% subscribe to the theory that if you haven't touched it in six months, you don't need it; I've run into enough exceptions. Plus I naturally hoard, I mean collect, so yeah, I want to take advantage of actually feeling like I want to get rid of stuff but not Trash All The Things.

It helps that I can see progress. And I needed to feel helpful. The way I felt when I figured out earlier today how I'd managed to get $2.10 off in my checking account. Yes! I was helpful to me!

Now to take it easy with fewer things around me.

POSTSCRIPT! This is not an offer to help you purge stuff.


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