Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Added and Needed Bonus to Cleaning ALL The Things...

...was taking care of checkbook paperwork earlier, balancing my account and wondering why my phone company hadn't cashed my phone bill check and wondering how late in the month my rent check will be cashed and reminding myself to ask for a couple of checkbook ledgers next time I'm in a bank branch when, in looking-for-stuff-to-get-rid-of mode, I unzipped a pocket in my backpack and found the sealed and stamped envelope with my phone bill check in it.


Said envelope is now on my desk, obvious and next to other things that are headed to my office, and I'll mail it from the office tomorrow, hoping that at worst I get a warning from the phone company for not paying right off. (I've missed my phone bill by at most a few days in the past. I'm not worried about having my phone shut off. Don't be Famous Last Words, that last sentence...)

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